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The Mirrored Gallery

Emerging in 15th- century urban design, the Renaissance idea of the ‘Ideal City’ was conceived through the harmonious geometrical composition of plazas, squares, colonnades and buildings, as a morally righteous code underpinning spatial design. Realised most famously through the sparse, symmetrical paintings of Luciano Laurana and Fra Carnevale, the figure-less works invoke a strange sense of symmetrical ‘otherness’.

Some 500 years later, the New York Mirrored Gallery at Pershing Square viaduct recalls these origins. Caught in between states, with traffic humming above and subway trains rattling below, the gallery seeks to reinterpret the transient relationship between the visitor, the building and the exhibited works.

As one moves through the tiny gallery, entire rooms are capable of sliding past each other, syncopating with the artwork and viewer. Mathematically constructed environments of symmetry, reflection and deception re- define visitors’ perception between the ‘real’ and ‘copied’.

Generated using film and designed to be experienced within an installation environment, the gallery exists in a weird territory, between the film, the installation room and the space of the site itself.



The Mirrored Gallery from ZIYI LIU on Vimeo.