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‘Accelerated Serendipity’ proposes a speculative workspace for the creative digital technology industry in East London’s Tech City. The film is an ironic take on corporate promotional shorts satirically proposing an architectural iconography inspired by electronic devices.

The film is based on the hypothetical use of social and mechanised spaces to accelerate serendipity within the workplace. Focusing on the social structures that are often neglected in modern working practices, the film explores the different attributes, importance and pace of serendipity.

The project is informed by a series of research interviews and site visits, which contribute equally to the spatial proposal, the narrative and the format of the film. Key ideas for the use of public space, the workspace and the movement of occupants within and between these spaces are explored as a way to generate chance interactions.

By varying the experience of the occupants within the proposition, the project investigates ways in which these moments of interactions could increase in frequency and be harnessed to increase serendipity within the working spaces.

Berlin Dream

The film depicts a dream sequence that takes place within a flat in East Berlin during the 1960s. The dream charts the shift from printed literature to analogue radio and television and explores the effects of technological advances in domestic space. The dreamer is able to see the hidden ‘Hertzian Space’: the unseen electronic distribution of domestic appliances. An object of modernity with a profound influence on built space the television becomes the main focus of the dream, as a vessel of propaganda during Communist rule, and the spaces of the dream begin to distort scale, space and reality, resulting in a city influenced by objects.


The Travelogue is a reconstruction of a psycho-geographic détournement through the city of Berlin. The viewer is presented with an architectural form constructed from the imprinted memories gained from the exploration of interstitial spaces and architectural forms of the city. Here a deeply personal exploration of Berlin is recounted through a narrative told through, and symbolized by, reassembled and distorted architectural forms.