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The Institute of Applied Autonomy was an underground activist group that published a series of online guides and maps urging New Yorkers to strategically dodge corporate observation, before mysteriously vanishing in 2009.

In the context of the Snowden NSA revelations, Stefanos covertly re- establishes this Institute as a series of dispersed urban techno-hermits that occupy the shadows of the city, plotting their return.

In a nod to the spirit of Anarchist Cookbook and Monty Python’s absurdly suspicious Peoples Front of Judea; the Institutes prototype member finds refuge in the space behind a billboard in Chelsea. A series of interventions that borrow energy to keep the occupant alive, warm and hidden from view are carefully strung out within the narrow chasm of the billboard.

Utilising the pixelated billboard, messages can communicate covertly to passersby and keep the occupant connected to every other occupied billboard in the city.


The Institute for Applied Autonomy, W22st x 10av, NYC from Stefanos Levidis on Vimeo.