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Embassy for the Displaced

Established between London, Athens and Lesvos Island in December 2015, the ‘Embassy for the Displaced’ is a design-based collective that operates both in the field and remotely, providing spontaneous responses to those embroiled in the refugee crisis.

A ‘No-Borders Backpack’ made from discarded boats and life-jackets was assembled to alleviate the immediate needs of those arriving on the Island. Following this, a series of carefully curated LiDAR scans formed the basis of an immersive film, conveying the real-time plight of desperation to the wider world.

The ‘Embassy for the Displaced’ serves as a design-for-survival laboratory, a visual archive of the refugees’ journey and an institution on the side of the displaced. A land for the land-less.




Where Land Meets Sea, Lesvos Island, Jan 2016 from Embassy for the Displaced on Vimeo.

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