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The Fourth Nature

The project deploys a ‘Critical Realist’ reading of mutant landscapes resulting from the long term and large scale mining activities in the Apuseni Western Mountains of Romania.

Three host sites in the area are used as key locations for the project to play out in time: the Rosia Montana gold mining community; the Rosia Poieni copper quarry and the Sesei Valley sludge bed.

A new kind of Hydrological Institute is proposed in order to heal the damaged and contaminated land and to protect it from future exploitation. A series of tower-like, inhabited devices scatter the quarry bed, echoing the haunting imagery of the flooded dwellings of the valley and acting as a warning flare to future generations.

The project seeks to atone for the natural, cultural and historical vandalism played out in the region, by giving voice to the traumatised landscape.

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The Fourth Nature D02 from Stefana Gradinariu on Vimeo.

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