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The Parasphere Architect: Follies in Synthetic Space   “You were wrong, Case. To live here is to live. There is no difference.” by Neuromancer, from “Neuromancer” by William Gibson   Thus spoke an architect of the Parasphere; “It is 2024, it is London. Ten thousand towers, the melting pot of countless races, a place where the unsubstantial become real and the real become rarefied. All air is filled with a mist of electrons. There stands eight constructs; uncanny creatures; with no functions, not referring any contexts; follies without meanings; substantial bodies being bound by the gravity. Then a mist of electrons covers the follies; an illusion of augmented reality. Architecture of cyberspace appears suddenly in this nostalgic retropolis. These are a museum of cyberspace literature, placed here and there in the city. Each folly is a representation of unique literature. Before long, base reality is unnoticeably replaced with virtual reality; a dense fog of electrons; an invitation to the Parasphere; where bright orange geometries of information fly about and glowing blue ghosts of data encircle. It is a radiant cathedral where all eight digital follies gather. These are follies in Synthetic Space; a realm of fuzziness where three realities loses their peripheral boundaries.”   Email and blog address rin.yoshida@gmail.com http://rin-yoshida.tumblr.com