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New York has become one of the most privatised cities in America, however, a growing number of POPs (Privately owned Public spaces) have emerged over the last decade, incentivising developers to give over parts of developments to public use.

Mariya’s work focuses on the role of light in the production of space in New York’s built environment and its increasing scarcity in the diminishing public realm.

Building on William Whytes seven principles of successful public spaces, Mariya imagines an airborne public space cleaved to an existing structure that, through a technical glass facade system, can divert light throughout the day to an open plaza below. Like a vertical meadow of crystalline daisies, the suns path is meticulously tracked across the sky until nightfall, where the instrument returns to its dormant state. A last hopeful gasp to restore the dwindling spatial rights of city’s most important stakeholders – its inhabitants.



The NYC Air Appreciation Society from Maria Krasteva on Vimeo.