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Exploring Berlin’s underground, a space that has strong associations with both fear bunkers and wartime bombing) and freedom (tunnelling under the Berlin Wall to escape), the project imagines an allegorical ‘deep underground’ and constructs a utopian future that challenges, inverts and expands the current urban reality of the city. Sited in Berlin, ‘Berlin Estrangement’ explores how cultural dispersion could be allegorically reconstructed into ‘neutral space’, where ‘neutral space’ is defined as the space under the Spree River, a repository of the hidden dreams of the city of Berlin. As the constructed strata penetrate down through the riverbed, a new form of architecture evolves, followed by a technological revolution, which metaphorically breaks through spatial limitations in order to expand established notions urban reality. Keiichi’s work this year explored the relationship between hand-crafted techniques and digital reconstruction. His final project examines the possibility of giving life to hand drawing through film. Inspired by traditional and contemporary representations of city in Japan, an intuitive large pen and ink drawing spawns this vision of another Berlin. In the film the architecture of the drawing is split apart and populated by three-dimensional animated objects adding narrative depth to the still image and extruding a temporal space from the two dimensions of the paper.