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Grand Central Hotel

The Grand Central Hotel harnesses two of the most powerful – yet uncanny – presences within the vast 48 acre complex of Grand Central; unremitting movement and interminable romance.

A series of half-model/half- animations explore the evasive historical ‘figure’ of the Terminal complex, montaging representations from cinema with stories of pinball prohibition and mythical spaces such has the unmapped ‘M42 room’.

The Hotel design emerged in order to address the phenomena of NYC ‘singletons’ increasingly eschewing physical contact in order to meet the demands of the modern workplace and social media. Straddling the Pershing Square viaduct at the busiest point in the busiest interchange in the busiest city in the USA, Haeseung creates an island of stasis to collect and gather those looking for a companion.

The conventions of Hotel Architecture are gently manipulated to create spaces that are familiar and functional; glamorous and sublime. A quixotic dancing partner to the original Beaux- Arts icon.