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Roosevelt Island is a sliver of reclaimed land that lies directly to the east of Manhattan. Rather like a Shark’s pilot fish, it remains overlooked. The subject of innumerable whimsical development plans, including those of Le Corbusier and OMA, the island retains a defiantly independent spirit, with its own city department and building codes.

It is within this framework that Fin imagines a new sports-focussed hub that is structurally supported by the epic and dominant Queensborough bridge that completely oversails the island. A cross between a velodrome and a community hall, this entrail-like piece of infrastructure is designed to lightly accommodate the competing needs of lycra-clad road cyclists, ageing fixie- riding hipsters, yoga-fanatics and slightly overweight Cornell undergrads.

A complex, meticulously detailed, dynamic structural proposal is at heart simply a freewheelin’ joyride with one helluva frickin’ view.