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The A-Piering Film Festival

This temporary structure for a year-long Film Festival of Vice, is developed in response to the growing nostalgia for the Grindhouse Cinema of 1970’s New York. Once the lifeblood of the 42nd- street ecosystem, the currency of sleaze generated an explosive and creative period of film-making before being strategically removed in the wake of skyrocketing real estate.

Cleaved to a pile field on the Hudson River, the building is rapidly assembled in the space destined to become a Heatherwick designed garden pier. A loose collection of timber components is arranged along a undulating spine, allowing the billowing volumes of the cinemas to ceremonially open and close.

The festival cultivates a collective urban urge to trash the normative and moralising tendencies of wholesome US mainstream culture, before inevitably being dismantled by the cows of corporate development once more.