Unit 24 is a MArch unit in The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.


Dr. Penelope Haralambidou                                       Michael Tite                                           Simon Kennedy 


The architect’s role traditionally ends when a building is handed over. Can we not intervene more radically? Can we not take in our hands the history of the city and use itas a feeding ground for creating new narratives? Can we act as scriptwriters for the future of our cities? And what happened to architecture being used as a medium for resistance,if not rebellion? For challenging the status quo and the dominant power structures? For questioning media and technique?

Unit 24 employs film, video, animation, drawing and virtual/physical modelling techniques to generate architectural propositions, harnessing the potential of time-based media in the production of space. Inspired by cinema, television, photography, literature and computergames, we challenge the empty formalist pursuit of contemporary built form in search fora critical and politically engaged role for the architect.

We create filmic architectures and architectural films informed by genre: documentary or historical fiction, able to unearth clandestine historical facts; science-fiction, using science based narratives allegorically to explore political, social and philosophical undercurrents; love story, unlocking the erotic potential of architecture; comedy, in slapstick, political satire, black and surreal comedy, the mockumentary or the spoof; film noir; cartoons and animation; experimental fine art.

The unit also recognises the significance of computer games, and how their constructed environments increasingly influence not only cinema but also the design and experience of built architecture.